Change sometimes makes you feel good !!!

Grand Mom has come to visit after so long, can’t you guys just spend some time with us, told aditi to her kids. Both of her kids are affectionate otherwise but are simply addicted to mobile gaming and were mostly indulged in it once they come back from school. Every activity was fixed like homework, dance class, karate class, gaming, dinner and then going to bed but in this routine, they were not free enough to sit with their Gradmom and spend some quality time.

Aditi wanted them to learn the life lessons from her and also spending time would make her delighted over the love she is getting back. But for kids, she was just another relative who has come to stay with them for few days.

Kids were annoyed over continuous nagging of Aditi for sitting and talking to Grand Mom.

This is pathetic! Have you seen how mom is behaving? Mini said to Rahul. Yes! And also, she is asking us to go on a walk with Grand Mom. Already our routine is so much disturbed. Rahul told Mini while both were fighting as beasts in their gaming zones.

Grand mom entered in the room silently and sat on the chair next to Mini.

She gushed over the ongoing game and cheered for mini that was losing the battle in the game. Soon, Grand mom entered the modern and busy cocoon which kids had made and she was now a part of their game. She started telling them the stories of grit and determination and how she had a challenging childhood. Kids were keenly listening to her fables and wondered over Grad mom’s description of times when there were no medium of communication and people travelled for days to meet their loved ones.

Kids were so much indulged into the stories that gaming took a back seat and they comforted themselves in the bed lying next to Grand mom’s chair.

Aditi was quietly watching all this, standing at the door. She was happy to see this change.
Some time’s a change in routine is much needed and one should take a break from their lives, just to live a life, which is more relaxed and joyous.