Its not always good to be self-centered

Didi, I won’t be coming tomorrow. My child is ill and wants me to stay with her, “said Neeta in a requesting tone.

Ayushi was leaving for her office and this useless request of her maid, set her temper on fire. So, now again you are giving one more reason to be absent. Neeta, you have tantrums which I can’t tolerate. Ayushi fastened upon her presentation, which she has to give today.

Okay, Iam leaving now. Take care of baby and feed him on regular intervals. I am watching you by cameras set all over the place, so be careful towards your work, Ayushi told Neeta while hanging her bag.

Didi, what about tomorrow holiday, asked Neeta. No, is the answer. By the way, your daughter is 4 years old and I think you should make her understand that she should now be matured.

Ayushi shut the door and tip-toed to the parking. She drove on a roller coaster ride, broke certain traffic rules and yelled on some of the by passers and reached to office.

Ayushi was late as always and she straightway went to the meeting hall. Arun, her boss, gave her a stare as all were impatiently waiting for her.

After the presentation, boss called her for a meeting so she hastened to his cabin.

Ayushi’s heart was thumping as she knew that boss was angry over her late comings to office.

Sir, may I come in, asked Ayushi in a polite tone.

Yes, come and sit- replied boss.

Before he could say a word, Ayushi started lamenting with her excuses of how she tries best to make it on time but her toddler is a fussy child and how her maid is never on time. Ayushi continued till Arun interrupted her.

You always work according to your comfort but you very well know that company runs on team work and I have to report to head office if the productivity shrinks, Arun said in a tone which was anything but soft.

Arun went on further and told her not to take shield of motherhood to hide her in capabilities and responsibilities towards work.

Ayushi came out of the cabin and was highly disappointed over Arun’s behavior.

He should understand, thinking only about self is disgusting. He should be not self-centered; he kept on blabbering while packing her bag after the office timings.

She drove back to home, but more calmly. Morning conversation with Neeta was resonating in her mind and she knew that only being self-centered, won’t help the cumulative growth of society and we should be more concerned about everybody else’s issues rather than concentrating on our own.

Ayushi reached home and rang the bell, Neeta opened the door. Didi, should I leave now, she asked her.

Neeta don’t come tomorrow and stay with your daughter, “said Ayushi while cuddling with her toddler.

Neeta smiled and left.