Try Not to be Someone Persona

“How you secured these marks”, asked Tina in sheer amazement. Riya smiled and replied-“mug it up fifteen days before exams”. I can grasp very quickly. You know super power, I am and she busted into laughter.

Riya was the talk of the town as she has secured impressing score in-spite of being involved too much in gossips and other activities of college. Tina was awestruck by Riya’s attractive persona and how she manages everything so perfectly. In fact she admired her secretly.
Tina was boasting of Riya’s aura and smartness when Ritika interrupted, “Concepts are core and one should not skip them even if, mugging up the syllabus can help you secure good rank in class”. She finished with a fierce argument. Tina was angry as she did not like Ritika spewing poison for Riya. She interfered and argued but to no use so she moved out of the room. Ritika is jealous of Riya and she simply can’t accept the fact that Riya is a combination of beauty with brains, blabbered Tina.

Tina started following the footsteps of Riya and joined the cool gang of which Riya was part. Both started hanging out together and now Tina was more into fashion, gossips and parties than studies. She was regularly late for her class and never submitted the assignments. She developed a poor rapport with her teachers. Both, Tina and Riya studied together for sessional exams and secured satisfactory marks as Riya arranged for the exam paper; being trustee’s daughter can be a boon. Tina was elated as she was now enjoying college life while her marks were satisfactory enough for her parents who trusted her immensely and sent her for pursuing the course in spite of economic restraints.
Meanwhile Ritika was absorbed into her studies. Both Ritika and Tina belonged to same city so Ritika intervened many times into Tina’s crazy world so that she can mend her ways but Tina turned a blind eye to Ritika’s concern.

Tina sometimes mocked Ritika for her strenuous efforts towards studies and how she is living a pathetic and boring life. Ritika was hurt but she knew that Tina was in a different zone and she would never understand what she is lacking at.

Tina was spoilt and was disliked by many. Her previous set of friends left her and she was involved with Riya in everything. Riya was a daughter of one of the college trustees and hence held a rapport of powerful girl. Nobody messed with her, not even teachers and Tina was also enjoying this special status for being Riya’s friend.

Months passed and came the placement time. Ritika was placed in one of the best MNC. Tina was puzzled over how to crack the exam as she appeared for one and scored badly. She asked Riya for the favor but she refused, citing her incapability in muddling with placement process.
Tina was disappointed as were her parents. They were clueless about this failure as they assumed that Tina was studying well in class, all thanks to her marks which she scored without much effort.

Path of hard work and positivity is tough but lead to immense success and peaceful life.
On the contrary, unfair and short cut means may seems appealing but take you no where.