Uneven patches of life.

Kindly, mend your ways or we have to take some serious action against you, ‘said HR Nisha in a firm tone. Ritika came out of the meeting room exasperated. I don’t understand what the problem with these HR people is. I just came few minutes late and they are creating a scene out of it, said Ritika in a dismissive tone. Rahul was following the whole episode and being her cubicle mate, he thought of interrupting. So he corrected Ritika. Dear friend, you are coming late from past one week.

So what, how does that matter? It is a matter of only few minutes. These people don’t know how to deal with employees. I would join some other company where things would be more flexible. Ritika blabbered while moving her fingers on keyboard. She was infuriated over the insult but what she ignored was her unpunctuality. Rahul decided to guide her so he called her in lunch and both sat together in lunch hour.

Rahul explained her how being in present is important. What matters the most is our hard work and dedication in everything we do and that implies to our personal as well our professional life. If you are unhappy over something at work, then that could be your mistake also. Blaming everyone else around you is not a solution. Ritika interrupted, ‘Why should I take care of everything? I have my personal life also and anyways, I am not a workaholic. She smirked and sipped her hot coffee.

Being true to your assigned duties is not being workaholic and hope you do agree to it. See, it is not only about punctuality but it has a wider sense. Your sincerity at work is reflected in your mental peace at home as you leave without distress and hence feel more free and joyous at home.

Ritika was still not getting what her fault was? She was not accepting that anything went wrong on her part. Rahul tried to convince her on how mistakes are a part of life and learning from them should be our first concern. You know what; Learning is itself a life-long process and you should keep learning as you keep texting on mobile. Ritika busted into laughter.Rahul concluded on how people with self-confidence are admired but those having Ego are disliked by all.

I am not an egoist girl, Ritika interrupted.

Did I say this? I am just trying to explain you on when you allow your Ego to control your thoughts, everything you believe becomes an illusion, so never shrug off and try to bring changes in self as changes are generally for betterment.

Ritika listened to him silently and nodded her head in affirmation.

She knew that, a small change in self can bring vital results in her life.

Next day, she reached office on time and after marking her attendance, she straight away went to HR office. Nisha smiled in amazement and asked her to take her seat. Ritika apologized for her stern behavior and came out of the room. In couple of strides, she reached her cabin and was elated to see a coffee mug along with a motivational note was kept on her desk. Her phone rang; Nisha was on the other side. Both exchanged some warm compliments and she hung up. For whole day, Ritika felt high in spirits and completed her every task assigned. At the end of the day, she felt more happy and content than other days. She met Rahul in lunch break and thanked him for his genuine advice.

Ritika now loved her organization and her dedication afterwards, was paid off with promotions and perks.