World appears the way you see it!

Rohan was blabbering over how his dad has threw his cricket bat. His only mistake was that he played with newly made friends belonging to some notorious community. Mom, ‘Did you see it? Dad is behaving in a nasty manner, Rohan lamented while gulping down water. Mom gave a consoling smile and went into kitchen but Rohan was unhappy over the whole episode.

Rohan followed his mom to the kitchen. He stood silently while mom was cooking his favourite food. Mom, why did not you answer me? Do you also feel that playing with those kids was wrong? They are my friends and I was simply playing. I guess making friends is not a bad deed, “said Rohan in a low-pitched tone. Beta, world appears to you, the way you see it. We, always tend to see the bad side of people. You see your dad as a strict father, but he is very soft.He just wants you to be safe. Those boys are not a good company for you. Even after many warnings, you were still playing with them so he threw your bat just to tell you that you should mend your mistakes. Mom was preaching while chopping vegetables.

Rohan was not convinced so he left the place and went to his room. Dad’s behaviour kept him in distress state for whole day.

Next day while returning from school, he saw some ruckus near his home so he ranto find out why police has come to enquire about some theft in locality. After an hour, police caught boys from the nearby park who were involved in the theft. Rohan knew one of them. He was the same guy, Rohan used to play with.

Stunned with the events, Rohan looked at his dad. Dad held his hand and said, ‘don’t think much about it. Let’s have snacks and they all went inside.

Today Rohan realised that the uneven patches of life, teach a lot and his dad may have looked strict but his other side was very much loving and caring towards him.

We perceive things as they look to us but forget that the other side is very different so always remember to understand every side of someone before making a perception or judgement. Not always things looking best from outside are the same inside and vice versa is also true. We need to understand this lesson of life.