A balanced life is a happy one

And last is buying groceries from super market, Rohit wrote on a yellow sticky note and out it on Refrigerator. Riya was silently watching Rohit performing and talking like some robot. Rohit was too busy in his to-do list that he forgot about the movie they planned to watch together. Riya kept mum and yet another day was passed or well-managed; whatever is apt to mention.

Rohit was successful and he knew it, which kept him in a state of self-proclaimed kingship. He was always planning to entertain his upcoming days more than his present and this made Riya more tensed than furious.

Riya knew that she has to intervene; else Rohit would soon loose every layer of his charismatic personality, what he was in college days and would become another human robot who is slave of his own performing mechanism.

Let’s go on a drive, ‘said Riya while offering evening snacks to Rohit.

No, I won’t, today was a hectic day in office, Rohit refused while his eyes stuck on his mobile screen.

Riya pleaded and said that she would be driving; Rohit has to just sit and relax.

After much persuasion, Rohit nodded and both went on a drive.

It was an awesome weather and evening was marrying the night. Highway was lit up with street lights and looked like some star studded path. Music was soothing inside the car.

Why don’t you keep your mobile aside and enjoy the music, Riya said annoyingly.

Riya started the conversation.

Rohit don’t you think that your way of living life has turned up into a programmed one.

You are so much engrossed with pre-decided task for self that you forget to live the present day.

Rohit was baffled. What are you talking about? I do live. Don’t you see how much luxury and success, I have gained in these years?

Yes, you have but what about peace of life and happiness of living it. You are living life in a calculated way. You can’t even spare a minute to draw in yourself into some rejuvenating activity.

Your mind is loaded with pre defined commands and aspirations to meet up till the end of the day and this is the reason that you are unable to enjoy your personal life. Give yourself some positivity by adding some zing to your programmed robotic life, ‘said Riya while taking a sharp turn.

Rohit was introspecting himself but his brain was dominating over his heart and he told Riya that his dedication is needed for the growth of company and he justified himself for his long working hours and pre-planning of events.

Yes! Indeed you are a hardworking man but at end of the day, self-contentment matters a lot. You are loaded with future and its deadlines that you are unable to enjoy the present.

What about work-life balance, Rahul? Riya had an emotional tone this time. But she composed herself and continued the ride. Both reached near their favorite hangout of college days. Rahul took out his face out of the window and he felt the outside breeze, directly onto his face.

He had no answers for the Riya’s argument and somewhere he also realized that his personal life is being hampered due to his over-commitment of work and his spree of attaining perfection in everything.

The cold breeze touched his soul somewhere and he was a relaxed man now. He asked Riya to give him the steering. Both exchanged places and Rahul drove the car to the place they left behind; their college hangout.

Rohit now knew that a balanced life is a happy one!