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I am a dreamer; one who immensely believes in the power of positivity. From my childhood days, I was confident enough to try out every new challenge. As a kid, I observed more and argued less as I believed in learning from everything.

One thing I understood in my early days was that strong foundation is needed to support big dreams so I kept on building concepts and being logical. Nobody praised me often neither I stood first in class but my thirst for learning things was not based on my grades.

I had an urge to start something of my own and I faced back breaking failures during this journey. I was disturbed and depressed but never became negative. Even I wondered how I managed to get that positive vibe even in gloomy days.

I failed many times but kept on trying. Many new projects were challenging and I realized being in murky waters so thought of leaving it but the inner resilience kept the lamp burning. I took calculative risks, did audacious planning and challenged self to get results.

During this journey, I met many people who were lessons to me. I kept ignited myself during every failure and worked more for interest than for monetary benefits.

Life became a rich collection of instances and learning so I decided to share it with people from all walks of life so that they can learn, inspire and proceed in life.

My quotes are my thoughts straight from my life. Each word tells the struggle I faced and strength I showed.

"Imagine the Way, You Want Your Life to Be;
Live the Way, You Want Yourself to Be;
Work the Way, You Want the Results to Be;
Follow the Way, You Want the Path to Be."


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