Birth is a Beginning

Life is a labyrinth of senses, beliefs, emotions and actions; all tangled together. Life always seems complex to those who get intimidated by its entanglements. Once we start organizing our life, all our woes take a back seat. It all starts at a very elementary level. We need to pull the strings of our wavy senses so that the foundation of a firm belief can be formed.

Once we get well-fortified beliefs, our emotions start following our command and we are now in a position to control them according to situation. Controlled emotions are the driving force behind positive and brilliant decisions.

Our emotions guard our actions and once emotional intelligence is achieved; actions become admissible. Every action of ours defines our personality and with better actions we become a better person.

Eventually, we see a controlled self and a perceptible flow of happiness is seen in our lives. Our life becomes joyous and easy going; on the strength of the efforts we made in organizing senses, beliefs, emotions and actions.