Botheration & Irritation has a very thin layer of distinction between them

How you react when you are stuck in a situation or any dilemma?

Do you bother yourself or get irritated?

Although there is a very little difference between botheration and irritation. First, let’s talk about the similarity between the two. Both of them robs your peace of mind making you good for nothing.  However, the impact both cast has a huge difference.

Botheration has positive connotation attached with it whereas irritation is negative in every aspect. When you bother about a matter, it shows your concern towards it. You are still in a position to find an effective solution. On the other hand, irritation profuse your mind with anger and anxiety thus only aggravating the situation.

Instead of making yourself concerned about a situation, it just makes you run away from it. Thus, next time, whenever you confront any problem; instead of depicting your irritation, show your botheration for it. It will help you get rid of it in a prompt manner.