Do i actually utilize my skills?

I think I have gained a lot, and now I am a master blaster. I am imbibed with optimum and best of my knowledge. Now, no one can perform better than me.

This is the end, which we think, but actually, this is the beginning.

The day you realise and open the secret of yours i.e. “Best of my knowledge”, it will apparently signify, that your imagination is cemented within the boundaries of your own perceptions.

You think your knowledge has attained an optimum level because you only know this and you have only learned this. Here comes your dissent to learn and explore more beyond the boundaries. You feel satisfied with the bunch that stands still in your table.

When you start your day with what you know and end it with what you already know i.e. with no change in your knowledge or skills; it is the day when you think you have become specialized in your field. Everything seems simplified with easy execution. In such a scenario, though your skill utilization in the entire day is 100% but your skill enhancement stands null i.e. 0%. From the start to the end, there is no change or increment in your know-how and dexterity. You just utilized what you already had.

Thus, according to your perception, you have given your optimal in the entire day followed by the best utilization of your skills. However, according to evolution, you have not utilised your skills. You have only finished your day with your routine work.

Let’s understand this concept with the help of an instance.

When you start learning how to drive a car, you do your best to understand every element of the car. Gradually, you learn all of them, and with your continuous practice, you start driving.

In your initial days, you drive consciously and focus more on the clutch, gear, accelerator, brake. With the regular practice, you can use them will driving without being much cautious. It is because things have become quite handy with continuous efforts.

Now, after learning, where is your skill being used? Once you learn driving and become an expert; there will be no skill utilization.  Everyday, you will perform what you already know with no augmentation in your skills.

Skill is termed as special abilities and calibre that allows a person to do something in life.  Everyone is gifted with different types of skills, however, to achieve success in life; it is quintessential to harness and explore those skills with time.

If you keep on exploring them, it means you are upgrading your skills regularly. Upgradation is necessary to keep yourself on the edge, in this competitive world i.e. you will be utilising what you know and learning what you do not know.

Learning leads to the exploration of the skills which otherwise would have remained untapped.

Many people actually confuse these two terms- working and exploring. They found it similar, but actually, it has a huge difference. Working may leave your skills unutilised, but exploring will always utilise your skills up to its best. Besides being performing the routine task, don’t defocus yourself strengthening your skills. It is a path to success in your life.