Giving is living!

How you remain so calm and composed amidst this hectic schedule? Priya asked Anu. Both were colleagues and unlike Priya, Anu was a mother of two and was living a life full of love and happiness in spite of her job, family responsibilities and social service. Priya was amazed to see her spirit of living life with such a grace.

Both were good friends but were opposites.

While Anu was a prudent money manager, Priya was a free-spending girl. Anu mostly accompanied Priya on her shopping spree and she advised her not to buy unnecessary items but Priya never gave a heed to her wise words. She considered Anu as a frugal person.

This weekend, Priya and Anu went on lunch and both entered a famous eatery to quench their hunger. Gourmet meal was ordered in-spite of Anu’s warning that they can’t finish the grand nosh-up. While munching the food, Priya asked Anu about her personal life. Anu smiled and narrated her routine as well as life.

Why you take this much exertion on self? Priya asked with her puzzled looks. You are earning well, can spend fairly, have plenty of things to do then what is the need of going to an NGO and devoting your precious time and money there.

Why you become self-denying on my occasions? Question kept coming till Anu interrupted.

Priya, you know, we all love to live a life of comfort and luxury and there is no wrong in realizing the dreamt life if you have enough resources. But there are people around who are even unable to afford the basic necessities of life.

So what? I mean is everything our responsibility? We are working hard to make our lives better and I don’t see anything wrong in it. Yes, you are correct but if everybody would think this way, what will happen to this society. We are born as humans and feeling like compassion and love are our traits so isn’t it our responsibility to take care of everybody else around us.

Priya was not well pleased with the preaching so she kept on arguing. Ok, but won’t this juggling will affect your kids and family and why to compromise your family for the sake of society? Priya asked annoyingly.

See dear,i have a family and kids, but some part of my life should be dedicated to the welfare of people and above all I am just doing my bit for the society.

Anu replied while wiping her mouth and both left the restaurant.

I am doing my bit! These words were resonating in Priya’s ears as she returned to her room. She knew that most people, like her are busy in creating memories of fun and frolic and are longing for appreciations for themselves on social media and everywhere else so that they can gauge happiness but still there are times when a sense of emptiness prevail in them while on the other hand Anu is thinking of giving back to society amidst the chaos of her own life and still she is happy and content. This is the power of giving; murmured Priya.