How can one get rid of the negativity?

Negativity is a frame of mind, which takes its shape, because something not favorable has happened.
Few wrong words about anyone fills in the brain 200% faster then any other words about any person.
It is again more important to understand, why does something good about any person not remains entangled in your brain, whereas one wrong message about that person keep on making its impressions of him on you, to remember about that person.
It is what the negativity is.
The penetration power of Negativity is higher than than of positivity .
To be in the state of positivity, you need to practice – you need to relax, you need to think, you need to be calm, whereas to be in the state of negativity, no practice is required.
A Major difference between a wise man or a man with no character is just this.
A Wise man, who dedicate himself and his life in the state of positivity, always try to make himself awared of the situations and balance the situations accordingly. i.e. his decisions plays a vital role.
Where as a man with no character, hold no importance, they perform as situations ask them to do, i.e. they do not have control on themselves and move in the directions as situations mould them.
To get rid of negativity is just one step away from to adopt positivity i.e. just by a means of PRACTICING.
Practicing – “To Have Control on Your Thoughts”
Practicing – “To Have Control on Your Actions”
Practicing – “To Have Control on Your Words”
In an all : Practicing – “To Have Control on Your Own Self”
Once you start practicing, most of the problems, will start diminishing, even before reaching to you and you will start experiencing a pleasantness from within.