How do i kill my ego ?

“Ego is an Image, an Identity, an Impression created for oneself.”

In today’s scenario, it should be pronounced as “Let it Go” in order to make a healthy living.

It is quite easier to be egoist, but very tough to come out of it.

Since an image is created, an identity is created and an impression of how “I AM” is created, and once that is created, and imparted to the outside world, then to manage and maintain it becomes compulsory to follow.

Without considering the fact that “I Am Immortal”, the term Egoist take place within oneself.

Even it is seen and it is a Truth, that all the living beings in these planets are Immortal then also, I am here, I will Die, but i will not let the Ego within me to be died – and this is followed with the full enthusiasm.

There are different ways, once can consider Ego :

Ego: Proud – Example: for an Army Personal, they fight for a Nation, with an Identity that They are an Identity for the Nation, and they will die for it, but will not let this Ego die.
Ego : Attitude – Example : for a rich man, he feel ashamed to stand in line with a poor man, as his prestige may be at risk.

So while looking at above examples, the ego among them are same, one has an ego – to be  a proud army personal, and can give his life for it, which has a huge impact on the society, whereas for the other it is a ego – which may hamper his prestige, which has nothing to do with society.

So the EGO, which makes an impact to the entire nation or to the society and is for the welfare, then it is respectable, where as on the other side, if it for one own self satisfaction, then it is just a mind misery.

A person should perform, not only considering himself as the one, but constituting all as one.

The only and only way to resolve the Egoism within you, is by accepting two facts:

1: I am Immortal being
2: I will not ignore or hate anyone and i will be with the society

Once you accept it, that i may die at any moment of time, and i may become one of those, to whom i hate or ignore.

Only these two considerations, will change you forever.