How to stop living in fear ?

Fear is an objection, a hurdle, in the path called Life and in a day to day involvements, fear has taken its major part.

Everyone of us try to live their life to its fullest, but somewhere in their mind, their is a fear about any usual or unusual thing.

There are two types of Fear which most of the people face

  • Fear of Survival
  • Fear Occurred from Threatening

Fear of survival, is again dissected into two forms –

1: Which is undergoing – Example, you are being fired of your job, and now, you have a fear, how to manage yourself or your family expenses.
2: Which has never came true – Example, you are afraid, that if you will be fired from your job, how will you manage the expenses of yourself or your family.

Now when it comes to fear occurred from threatening, it is, in most cases because of the corruption, hacking, lie, fighting, hooligan, etc i.e. all third party elements, in which individual is involved or may be dragged.

So, overall, human being even if wanting peace, is fixated with any of these and is living a life of Fear.

Above all the three, two of them is temporary and can be taken care of, are fixed with time, if correct measures and precautions are taken.

But the major set of fear i.e. fear of things, which has never came true, but it is revolving in and around their brain – is the one which is the cause of major sufferings.
Considering the other two fears, i.e. condition prevailing, in which he is worried or in which he is under threaten – then also, the fear of things which has never happened or has never came true, will come across the mind and major part of the positive energy is sucked and take a form of stress and depression, thus leads to suffering.

So, in case we analyse all these 3 forms of fears and look at the occurrence of them one by one, we will get to know, that Fear is Majorly because of the things, that do not exists.

And if things, that do not exists – and we keep on thinking about them, then it is just a problem of our thoughts, not a problem which we have named it as Fear.

The Myth says, the immense possibility of achieving or loosing, lies within our Brain, if we are tending ourselves towards loosing factor, we can never win, but in case we tend ourselves towards achieving, we will always reach to a new milestones.

Following this myth, if we prepare ourselves, we can definitely encounter the fear, else there is no hope to come beyond it.