I have a habit to forget things, how can I improve that?

Forget – which can be said as – For Great Things. 

And in order to do great things, it is important to be sincere, honest and committed. 

And to be in such state, it is important, how much importance you give to your own words. 

And in the cases, where you do not give any importance neither to your words nor to the things you are responsible for and do not take appropriate measures, they will remain faded and will slowly become an illusion. 

So, the first and foremost thing to improve your habit is to improve your intention. 

If you have an intention to fulfill in-hand task and what you have committed for, then it is your duty and responsibility to pour your 100% involvement. This will automatically result in perfection. 

Have you ever thought why such things happen with a human being?  There are multiple factors responsible for this. Let’s have a look.

1. In many cases, if any task is allocated to you and you say YES. However, later you pay ignorance to the work. Due to this habit of ignorance, you will not only lose your self-esteem in front of others but will also feel bad whenever a ray of self-realization will be cast upon you.

2. There arise some situation and cases where your time and your personal life holds more importance than your commitments and responsibilities. In such cases, you again scratch the barrier and pays no importance. Consequently, to forget is an obvious thing. 

3. In some cases, it is your egoism that stands in your way. Even though you have passed the commitment earlier but due to certain things which you dislike about other people; you will not fulfill it intentionally. This is because you would want others to suffer.  

So, in all aforementioned three cases, a) where you are quite dubious, b) where your supreme importance is your personal life and c) where your ego is everything – one thing is recurrent i.e. you will feel unsatiated once you experience realisation. 

As soon as you realise, you will start feeling bad about the things you often forget. Just by giving importance and priority, it can be improved.  

Either don’t agree upon things and if you agree don’t leave it behind. This is all that is required to get out of the state to ‘Forget Things’ i.e. your commitment with an intention to fulfill your responsibilities. This will stand you apart from others and distinguish you from the boundaries created within you.