It is not simple to live a Life, but you can live a simple life!!!

No, no I am not at home so I won’t be able to meet you. Ravi fumbled for words while talking to Swati. He was ignoring her from past few weeks. She was baffled over Ravi’s strange behavior. Ravi, who was a struggling actor and a new entrant in Mumbai city like Swati, has recently got an Ad shoot offer and after meeting some of the new friends in the city, he started avoiding Swati. Both were college friends and liked each other. They were each other’s support in the city of dreams where both landed in a hope of making a debut in cinema.

“What is the issue? Why are you not answering my calls”, Swati confronted Ravi at the Ad shoot location where Ravi was busy tittle-tattling with some other girl, who was the daughter of the production company’s head honcho.

I was busy, said Ravi while getting ready for the shoot. Swati knew the reason behind his changed behaviour. She argued – “What is the issue; tell me, her moist eyes were too hard to ignore”. Amid this emotional exchange, Riya came and questioned- who is she?

She is my friend. We belong to same city, Ravi answered with a thin smile.Just a Friend, Murmured Swati. Why not you told her, asked Swati. What? Ravi gave anaïve look. You have made new friends and don’t need old ones, she said in a low tone and left the place with a heavy heart.

Ravi parted ways with Swati as he considered the difference that came in their lifestyles was too huge and he needed people who can help him in achieving immediate success and good money. Ravi wanted to climb the success ladder fast, so he told lies and did everything whether fair or unfair, in order to achieve the life he had always dreamt off.

C’mon, Ravi. What you are doing- asked one friend. This is ridiculous and fictional. You left Swati because you think that your status do not match to hers. What if Riya dumps you considering the same?

Ravi was annoyed over these questions so he replied telling this common friend that sometimes we should do certain things for self benefit.

“Time will teach you, dear friend”, said this common friend.

Ravi used all his tactics of getting success and money faster than one can imagine. He was telling lies, playing politics but got eventually stuck in his own web of plot and plans.

On the other side, Swati was broken but she knew that depression won’t do any good to her so she composed herself and concentrated more on her acting skills. She never compromised on her moral values as she knew that they were her strength.
After many rejections, one fine day she got a call from renowned production house. It was a lead role and Swati was astonished. She knew that her hard work and sheer determination has paid off.

Shoot started and show went on air. Swati was being appreciated. Family and friends were calling her on the release of show’s first episode.

Ravi and Swati were not in contact since that last meet and as it happens in big cities, both moved on with new set of people.

Hey, Swati long time, Ravi greeted Swati as she entered a hall full of new comers and acting aspirants. It was the inauguration of an acting school and Swati was being invited as a speaker to motivate newcomers.

Hi, how are you? – Swati asked exuberantly. She was happy to see Ravi after so long.
Ravi looked into her eyes and searched for those old feelings of compassion and care but to his surprise, they were missing.

Both exchanged certain good words before the conference started.

Ravi wanted to reconcile with Swati, may be he had realized the key secret of happiness and the value of true relationships but Swati had different priorities now.

“Balance your life between necessities and luxury, between work and family, between prosperity and humanity and see the beauty of life. It is a rainbow you just need to add colors into it.
Work for livelihood not for life and make a world of compassion around you”, Swati concluded her speech and received huge applaud.

Ravi too clapped for both the things- her speech and her outlook towards life.