Whatever actions you do in life, whether it is a good or bad deed, it gets reflected back at you at some point in your life, and this is called KARMA.

It is rightly said that karma does not spare anyone. In simpler terms, it is like, what you endure tomorrow (in the future) is based on the decisions you made yesterday (in the past). And it is ultimately your karma that decides your destiny.

Though yes, your KARMA can be in your favor if you follow this simple equation in your life.

 *K* that stands for knowing yourself from within, helps to make one understand him/her self more, thereby making you aware of yourself.
*A* that stands for the right actions that you shall take for making a difference.
*R* that stands for the responsibility which you should understand and withhold for your self and your deeds.
*M* that stands to signify the importance of managing your thoughts and surroundings.
*A* that stands to remind you for always having an anticipation for future.