Living Stress Free is an ART

You look so stressed, why you don’t go on a break and get some rest,” said Madhav in a concerned tone. He was keenly observing Ramya’s behavior from last few days.

Ramya and Madhav were college friends and coincidently, both were working in the same office where Ramya was leading the team, of which Madhav was a member.

“No, I am okay. Even if not, would be soon”, she replied while running her fingers swiftly on her laptop.

I am not stressed but this delay in project is annoying me and I need to resolve the issue as early as possible. Ramya answered.

You should go on some break for certain days; somewhere away from the hullabaloo of office discussions and deadlines. Spend some of your time with family, He giggled while looking at Ramya.

But Ramya still looked serious and was hooked to her laptop.

Ok, tell me one thing. Have you ever met stress? How it looks? Did stress itself told you about its remedies? Ramya bombarded questions which were anything but simple. Madhav was puzzled.

I don’t need to go somewhere to achieve a achieve free life, in fact I would suggest you to take a break, go some-where and come back with a rejuvenated spirit so that you can give your 100% energy to work, which you often don’t, Ramya smirked.She further continued and said,

“My stress busters are my own targets, once I achieve them, I am stress free”


The moment I get my work perfectly done; I feel peaceful. So kindly concentrate on your work and help me achieve peace which, according to you is a much needed entity for me. Ramya giggled and blinked at Madhav.

Yes, Boss- said Madhav and left the room. By end of the day, Madhav met Ramya at office exit and he noticed a beaming Ramya with all the chirpiness and positive energy revamped. Madhav was staring at Ramya, wondering on how she manages to escape the clutch of negativity.Let’s go for a coffee; Ramya asked madhav while making her presence on punching machine installed on the main gate.

Both entered a famous eatery and ordered coffee. Madhav was still speculating the reasons behind Ramya’s quick mood swing. Don’t think much, dear. I know that my element of becoming stress free lies in work like yours lie in Signing.

Ramya was changing the topic with her best efforts.

Why don’t you sing a song for me, I willbe a good audience,both guffawed at the remark.
Ramya found her peace and Madhav found his answer.