PQRST is the key to a balanced life.

PQRST is the key to a balanced life. Many times we face problems in life whose instant solution is not known to us.

All we have to do is to inculcate ‘patience’ (P) and wait for the right moment to get the things rectified, but we miss to have patience and react immediately, which many a times spoils the situation.

Problems are part and parcel of our life. What aggravates the situation is our immediate and inappropriate reaction. Ever you encounter such circumstances, make sure to behave in a mature manner.

First and foremost, evaluate the situation and question (Q) yourself – is it the right time and right manner to react or even if the reaction is important ? Secondly, instead of being panic, calm down and try to find the reason (R) behind such occurrence and how did it impacted you. When everything comes to light, a perfect solution (S) is easy to find. Always remember, “Time (T) heals every wound”. Everything demands time to regain its normalcy. So, give time to yourself to settle down things moreover it will ease you from being in the state of anxiety.