Satisfaction is the core objective of life

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“Satisfaction is the core objective of life and we all have a deep yearning for it.”

In everything we do, our aim is to earn a sense of satisfaction and if not attained, we keep on trying with a restlessness in our minds.

This restlessness can be subdued by involving the habit of acceptance in your attitude.

Acceptance of the fact – that certain things are beyond our control and we need to accept them as they are.

Once we accept the given situation, a sense of peace prevails in our mind and our thoughts stop bothering us.

Now our thoughts behave according to our will and we get positive feelings for what we have.

Our thoughts create a image in mind that whatever we have achieved is appreciable and even failures are accepted.

Once this state is achieved, your thoughts will always make you feel completely satisfied, not once, but for your entire life.