What all it takes to be pleasant all the time?

Being joyful is always proposed. However, if one is not joyful from within, and is trying to find the ways of entertainment for oneself via various other means, may make him/her joyful only for a certain period. Once the time passes by, chances are that you may arrive at the same state.

No matter you are alone, with friends, family or relatives; the point is that the state of joyfulness should always reside within you.

Are you finding it impossible to achieve a pleasant state of mind? If the answer resounds yes, then it is surely a matter of concern.

The major causes for your unpleasant state may be :

Your anger

Your unceasing worry about future

Your sustained concern about your family

Your anxiety for protection of self-image

Your unfulfilled expectations

And many such related reasons

These are ongoing situations that will linger on throughout your life without reaching an end.

The repercussions of the aforementioned situations can be unpleasantness, irritation, and unsatisfaction. This will make you feel scattered and scared with guilt that you are unable to commit to yourself and are lacking behind from the rest of the world.

Either small or big; there will always be something that will keep on revolving in your mind related to your past or future. This will drastically impact your present.

It seems easier to say and find a solution to eradicate the problem, but it doesn’t happen in such a prompt and hassle-free manner.

Even if you reach to a solution for any of your ongoing problem or issue, you may find yourself in a reasonably satisfactory situation for a time being. However, as soon as the new issue arises, again you will see yourself bounded in an annoying state.

So to understand in a nutshell; consider that your problems, issues and concerns will never end irrespective of either how rich, poor or a mid-class segmented you are. The best idea is to remain seated on whatever you have. This can calm your mind and make you feel pleasant.

Give your best in everything and appreciate yourself for your achievements, learnings and experiences. If your performance and your commitment towards everything is up to the mark, you will start feeling a bit better.

So, in an all, there are two aspects

  1. Multiple reasons that are creating unpleasantness
  2. A feeling of incompleteness owing to multiple reasons

So, one factor that is ceaseless is the factor that is giving birth to other factor and so on. Thus, to achieve pleasantness from within looks unachievable, but on the other side if you segregate the factors and remain involved in whatever way you can, then you might start feeling a difference.

This is again practice and your continuous efforts towards it; that can persuade you to reach the unreachable point.