What is the meaning of Life?

From long many Years, lot of mythology has been researched about Life, Meaning of Life, etc…
Having said that, still lot of people, are searching for the meaning of Life.
The only reason for this is “Experience”
These myths has been created based on the expressions of those who have experienced life on one or other form, and each of them has different sense of expression about life.
In today’s world, meaning of life is consolidated in earning, eating, shopping, fun and sleeping.
From Birth to Death – most of the time is left out fulfilling the needs and desires and lot of stuff surrounded in and out of needs and desires are creating uncontrollable situations and circumstances.
In these karma yog, human beings do not make themselves available to experience life, but just to fulfill the needs and desires.
Now when it comes to fulfilling needs and desires or to experience life, what is important ? The answer is obvious i.e. Survival.
And for survival, eating and sleeping is quite enough, then why do desires occur ?
Earning for fulfilling eating and sleeping – is Ok, but earning for fulfilling endless desires is killing the instinct of Life.
If desires are limited, once can experience much of their time in experiencing life, but since desires keep on taking shape from one to another – and then again to fulfilling next, lot of time is involved keeping that as a goal.
Experiencing life, need your attention i.e. Your energies towards experiencing what nature has created, what all has been available for granted.
Experiencing Breathe –  i.e.
How well do you breathe at every moment ?
How much time it take for you to breathe in and breathe out ?
How much deep you breathe in ?
Experiencing Air & its Surroundings –  i.e.
How well you feel the flow of Air, in and around you ?
How well you experience it ?
How well you try to un-pollute it ?
Experiencing Body & Mind Separately – i.e.
How many times, did you able to take in charge of your Body ?
How many times, did you able to take in charge of your Mind ?
Are you able to distinguish a difference between Body & Mind ?
Are you able to control your Mind, through your Body ? or vice versa ?
These are very basic level of experiences which are made available by nature and using these lot of exposures are possible.
A person is using these to its fullest, to fulfill the desires but not valuing them, because of the fact that these are for-granted.
The day, when these for-granted things are paid, then these will the most valuables and most desirous thing to achieve other than any other desire – because of the fact – as said above – its SURVIVAL.