Why do i always compare myself to others ?

Comparison comes from egoism, i.e. A feeling of I.

  • If i am having this,
  • If  i want this,
  • If i want to be like this,
  • If i ….

All sets of “I” create a Full of “YOU” and when this single letter “I” of 1 Character is converted as an “Image” or as an identity, which you feel very proud of. Then comes the Comparison.

You only compare, when you lack something, and no matter, how much you can gain, you will always lack something or other.

All comparison comes to you, because you are or have something but you want to be something or want to have something else.

Remember, God Creation is Unlimited, and it has Infinite Possibilities, and Human Being is extremely small form of creature. But what god has given him is the boundless possibility to expand.

A Child is born small, and grown to a big man, and accumulate wealth, wisdom, etc… and there is No End to It.

At any point of time, if anyone resist him from expanding his wealth or wisdom then it gives him anger & anxiety.
But who is the one, who resist him from expanding – is he himself ? Yes
Because, everyone like to have good amount of wealth & wisdom, but there is a limitation to it, he can try to achieve something upto some point of time, only as per his passion and willingness, and not able to move ahead, if these two distinct factors are not there.
Passion & Willingness when work together, you direct yourself to achieve something, and become something, but when you become that something, and you have good amount of wealth and wisdom, then you want to become something more and more…

Suppose you want to become something more, before you want to become something, then you become nothing.

And when you become nothing, what you do is comparison.
So, in order to come out of the feeling of comparison, the best part is to make yourself involved in what you want or what you want to become or what you want to achieve.

If you have right set of passion and willing to reach to it, you will definitely reach to the heights of it, but with correct mindset.