Why do I fail to wake up early?

Sleeping is the best enjoyment, where you not only get relaxed but also you get rid of all your stress and work pressure.

Once you are in a state of being slept there is no such obligation or hurdles coming in your way. You are in a complete state of freedom. On the other hand, you became conscious again after you wake up.

Freedom and being free is the most preferred choice of most of the people instead of being trapped in various conditions and obligations.

Whenever you will find yourself imprisoned in the vicious circle of chores that you dislike, you will always try to get rid of it by any means. Sleep is one such medium where you can escape from yourself and unwanted things for maximum span on time.

Once, you will avoid escaping the things and will confront everything with audacity, then sleep will not be the case anymore. As a result, you become conscious about every minuscule thing, and you will inculcate the habit of waking up early without any hurdle and by your self.

Let’s understand it in detail with the help of an instance. Suppose, you have to meet your fiancee early morning in the park. You both are all agog to meet each, and can’t wait for the night to be over.

Here two scenarios match well –

  1. You are so excited that you are not able to sleep on time.
  2. Even if you didn’t sleep in the night well, you are still going to feel fresh upon waking up early in the morning.

You will undergo the same scenario, when you have to catch your flight early morning for your most awaited tour to Singapore.

Now, on the other hand, suppose you are back home from your hectic routine of the office. You sleep on time and have no excitement for the next day. This infers you wake up either late or on usual time considering you again have to do same things arouses a feeling of monotony within you.

You start finding the ways to escape from this rut of life.

So, waking up early has a good interconnection with your excitement, your willingness, your interest and your intentions.

Once you have all of them in place and you find yourself to be in such state; you will start noticing that irrespective of, at what time you sleep, you will wake up early.

So, inability to wake up early in the morning is neither a habit nor a disease. Rather, it is just a matter of your consciousness i.e. how much consideration you hold for your self and what all are the factors that you consider to enrich your self.