Why do i find myself under stress, anxiety and depression ?

Many a time, it happens in life, that you feel like losing or missing something which holds a significant value in your life.

You feel a strong urge to do something, but it all seems to go in vain.

Sometimes life looks to be placed in a situation where one feels demean and a sense of fear prevails letting you wonder, what will happen next and how will you manage it.

This fear of managing things create illusions in your mind, as a result, you are stirred to think negative. Moreover, you are pushed towards a state where believing even in our own self seems a herculean task and confidence seems vanishing from within you.

Whether it is fear, anxiety, or depression; you can encounter all of them at any time. However, the only thing varies is its frequency.

Suppose, if you are feeling attached to someone and at the same time experiences a fear to lose them, then it can lead you to stress which have chances to exceed with the increase in the attachment.

If this stress persists and you fail to get rid of it, it can lead you to a state termed as anxiety, which can haunt your health as well your work.

And, if you find unable to cope with anxiety, this can undoubtedly welcome depression.

(Depression is the worst form of stress and anxiety which can ruin you both physically as well as mentally.)

So, it can be apparently figured out that attachment is the root cause of all kinds of stress, anxiety, and depression.

And according to the rule of nature, one needs to balance attachment to automatically balance the fear. So, in order to resist or to recover from this fact to behold from stress and its next level, you need to detach yourself from worldly luxuries and its people in such a way which can let you feel fulfilled from within.

So, it is the best time, when you can start preparing yourself from the very beginning, so that with every passing day, you can see a stronger version of yourself.  Thus, if any worst situation arises in future, rather than tearing you apart, it makes you stronger.