Why do i find myself under stress, anxiety and depression ?

Many a times, it happens in life, that you feel like loosing or missing something which holds its value in your life.

It looks like, you want, still you are not able to do anything.

Sometimes life looks to be place where one feels demean and a sense of fear that, what will happen next and how will you manage it.

With a fear to manage it and with how to manage it, create illusions in your mind, which navigate you to think negative, and in that state, you find it tough to even believe on your own self and looks like loosing a confidence from within you.

Feeling attached and with a fear to loose, reaches to stress

Not able to get rid of the continuous stress, arrives the anxiety

And continuous anxiety and not able to cope with it, lead to depression.

So, all the reasons to reach to the last state or even in the beginning state starts with your own instincts i.e. an attachment.

And considering the fact of the nature, balancing attachment will automatically balance the fear, because all level of attachment are made to be detached one day and to make yourself prepared to face such situation will make you stronger day by day, thus even arriving to the worst condition will not make you fall down, but will make you realize of your stronger self.