Why do I forget things?

The term forget derives from “for granted”

Only things which are not important to us are being taken for granted, since it do not hold any priority.

Things which hold priority are important, and it is hard to forget important things.

Usually people claim that they forget things because of extreme work pressure, which they claim because to suttle their brain with something that gives them a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Human nature is such versatile form of a element which can be adjusted as per the conditions one opts.

Example :
If putting down with fever and feeling relaxed and immediately if fire occurs, your body will recover immediately and you will in a state to perform and save yourself and your loved ones.

Is their any worst condition other than fire?

So if human being put themselves always in the state of fire, then to relax or to be in state of comfort will not hold any importance for them.

And in such cases, mind performs in its best form.

Extreme pressure are good to keep you if extreme state of fire within you is burning, in not then these pressures will pull you down with space of time.

Here fire signify, the aggression to fulfil the responsibilities.

Their is no such big difference between work pressure & responsibilities.

A work which is performed with full responsibility means, that work should be correct and complete, if anyone name it as a work pressure and want to drag themselves in the state of comfort then forget is the term they can rely upon.

On the contrary if any work is done keeping responsibilities in mind, then this problem of forgetting things will be eradicated from your life for ever.