Why do I get confused?

Memory is one of the most vivid form of mechanism within the human being with seamless capability to store things within.

Either it be a self generated emotions, senses or thoughts, all get stored within the conscious and sub-conscious frame of mind.

And this process of data accumulation is so huge, that to balance and place it correctly becomes a problems sometimes.

Like the way you first learn how to drive a car, and consciously learn about the clutch, break and accelerator and take a command on steering.

After your continuous practice to it, the entire process get stored in your sub conscious mind, and even without actually thinking on that aspects, you easily manage to use them.

So the entire chemistry of confusion work around the conscious & sub-conscious mind.

What all you have learned or experienced so far, you are confident, but what all you are not clear about is a matter of discovering, but instead of discovering, a sense of expression towards knowing it leads to confusion.

The simplistic process to take a step out of confusion can be easily achieved only by accepting the truth.

A Truth –

What I know, I know.

What I do not know, I do not know.

Accepting this truth will lead you to a clarity in your mind.

This clarity will not further lead to confusion, but will lead towards a willingness to learn.