Why do I get irritated on small things ?

Irritation is derived from the term “I Resist”

What all you resist, when comes in front of you, your inner self finds itself in the unpleasant state, thus Irritation start taking its place.

But why does it happen that you get irritated when you don’t like something?

You don’t like something, means you don’t want to experience it again.

You want to live the same way, in which you find yourself in the comfortable state.

In the willingness to live the same way, you get entangled in old instances of experiences and emotions, and to come out of this situation becomes harder.

And to lead a pleasant life, with an entanglement of old experiences and emotions which are in state of resistance, is not possible to achieve because of the fact which will keep you reminding of the old phases.

So in order to avoid getting irritated, you need to avoid resistance and to avoid resistance you need to open up for the acceptance.

All irritations happens for the sake of self satisfaction, which deviates you from the state of being peaceful and pleasant and on the other hand acceptance is also for the sake of inner self satisfaction which let you remain in the sate of being pleasant and blissful.