Why do I keep on thinking and not fulfill my responsibilities?

Responsibilities which are committed will land you into the fulfillment of the task. Being committed implies what you commit, you fulfill. On the contrary, if you are not committed then the chances of not fulfilling your responsibilities can be high.

Consequently in such cases, you may keep on thinking why I am not able to fulfill my responsibilities and at the same time, a feeling of non-fulfillment will keep you burning from inside.

Being committed and being responsible, both are interrelated. It infers that even if you are responsible, you might not be committed. On the other hand, if you are committed then all your responsibilities will be realized without any such hassle.

Once you are committed then what keeps on revolving in and around your mind is that you are committed. Since you will be committed, so you will commit what you are committed for. As a result, you will find that your responsibilities are auto fulfilled.

If you don’t find the values of your commitments, i.e. you do not hold the importance of your self from within then your responsibilities for someone else will be less. Thus the chances of your irresponsibility will be quite high.

When on one fine day, you feel or you realize that you are being considered invaluable, people are not accepting your words or you are just left alone, then what is left behind is nothing but guilt. You will just be left with infinite thinking.

So, besides being a responsible person, it’s quintessential to become a committed person too.

A true sense of responsibility finds its way when you find your words as much valuable as your own self.  By doing this, you will neither repent and nor have to look back in life.