Why do we face failures?

Failures are Experiences, there is no big achievement, that to be experienced.

An experienced person may have less money to live with, but has more enthusiasm to live it to its fullest.

An experienced person understands :-

  • more about the failures
  • more about how to handle stress
  • more about how to be happy being empty pocket
  • more about how to express themselves

These are the qualities, which can never be bought, not even one can be trained for, these are self analysed, self practiced and self gained subject matter.

The difference is of understanding and acceptance.

Because you have accepted the failure, because you have understood, that you are a fail case, thus there is no hope for it.

You have accepted that, failure is meant for you, and its in your fate.

Having these paradigms about self, it will keep you dragging back to the same and a feeling of being stressed, depressed will start killing you.

So, the first and foremost fundamental, is to understand – What is FAILURE ? & Why is FAILURE?

Failure is because, you have missed lot of things, you have not planned well, you have not practiced well.

Even if you have done, the best of you, then somebody else has done, even better than you.

While accepting the failures, you don’t accept somebody’s else winning efforts – WHY ?

In most of the cases, you will find that the problem is because you think of you, not of others, neither their efforts.

The solution to Failure is to accept that your input was less, and an acceptance that you will try again for it.

Trying at each and every situation is a solution to get a step over a failure, and treating these failures as a learning for your next step.

These failures teach you lessons, and these lessons make you excel, because you will not put back the same clause again, because of which you failed.

So, the rules forward to it are as :

I failed this time, but i will not fail next time.

  • I failed, because i need to learn more
  • I failed, because i need to practice more
  • I failed, because i have something better to achieve

Keep trying, keep practicing and keep exploring – there is nothing called FAILURE – Its just a word tending to signify you your strength and telling you that you are not experienced yet to achieve it.