Why often my decisions changes ?

Decisions are mine, and when it comes to selection, I often withdraw my decisions. This is not once rather it happens multiple times. The biggest problem is that I am not able to stand by my decisions.

The selection gives you more freedom and liberty and being independent with multiple options after the taken decision, it is a tough situation to stand by your words.

Sometimes, we forget our inner prestige which will get hampered by changing the self-decision. Rather, at the same time, we try to pursue the future, which looks more lucrative.

There are four aspects based on which you make the decision.

One decision is based on your ego, whereas the other one is based on your understanding.  The third aspect is ignorance while the fourth one is forceful, but not favorable.

In the situation of Ego, your decision can even ruin you. This understanding is drawn upon when you realize what you have lost or what you have been for from so long.

Now in the second case, if your decisions are as per your understanding, then the situation arises that your decisions may vary when your understanding level differs. It may change with a change in your mindset.

In the third category, your decisions rely upon your ignorance. This is the case when you do not take the time to understand it. This may lead to a change in future in accordance with a change in your understanding level.

And the last one falls under a forced category. There arises a certain situation when you have to arrive at a final decision which is not in your favor. Neither you want it, nor it is beneficial. It is just taken under certain circumstances or time-bound pressure.

So, once you are able to decide & understand under which particular situation, your decisions are taking a shape, then it will be easier for you to analyse your self. You become capable to take efficient measure to prevent the occurrence of any future change in your decisions.

Once, a correct decision is taken, it will help you grow and bloom by leaps and bounds. Else, it will inflict sufferings and guilt.