Will suffering lead to goodness ?

Suffering is a Learning, and many a time it occurs because of the lack of consciousness. By the term “lack of consciousness”, we infer an action taken without being aware of the one’s deeds and its impacts. This can lead to an equal or extremely opposite reaction – which tends to cause incessant suffering.

Impact :

The impact of suffering can bring a drastic change in your actions, decision as well as plannings. It may change you totally and forever.

There are multiple reasons for suffering being inflicted upon you. Sometimes, it is because of your deeds, and many a time because of your surroundings, relations, and your never-ending expectation from others.

It is not said that you should welcome sufferings, or purposely seek it out. However, whenever it does appear in our lives, we should be aware that, beneath its negative surface, there is an opportunity for tremendous growth that can lead to intensification of your inner soul.

Sufferings come with many positive aspects too. It makes you stronger than ever before. You start developing a sense to realize your faults, experience the outside world & its people.

Have you ever thought, why do we suffer when we aim to be happy and our efforts are always geared in a positive direction?

We find suffering everywhere, and it seems to be increasing with the passage of time.

It is not always that we suffer because of our deeds and faults. Many times, our goodness results in excruciating suffering.

All these consequences which makes us suffer will also let us achieve a state of an ultimate realization. The only thing we require to do is to be conscious enough to understand and take necessary steps & actions.

Therefore, always remember, no matter what is the reason behind your incessant sufferings and pains, its repercussions will definitely be in your favor – either it will give you experience for the lifetime or open the doors for you to succeed and prosper.