How can I control my anger?

Anger is form of energy, which is accumulated and responded back to something which is not performed in your favor.
There are three different forms of Anger which takes place within the human being are as :-
1: Short Tempered – Get angry over any small thing, immediately.
2: Patience Anger – Get angry after getting irritated over something repeatedly
3: Non Behavioral Anger – Get angry, but not able to react due to a healthy behavior


Different people holds different persona, few of them get angry immediately, on a very short frame of time, and on any note, where as few are those whose temperament have some patience, and get angry after getting irritated or annoyed for long period of time and the last category of people are those who get angry from within, but do not respond in the angry manner, but try to overcome in the polite way in an order to resolve the matter, instead of invoking.
Anger in most of the ways are only because of the dislikes, few things which one do not like annoy them, thus one usually expresses themselves in form of angerness.
These dislikes may be because of some good deeds or may be because of bad deeds of others, but overall fight will be to make things favorable in your own opinion.
In order to make things favorable in your way, you have two options, either show them anger and get it as per you own way or accept it and let it go.
If the anger is for some bad deeds done by someone, then it is a genuine cause, and anger is viable.
But anger occurrence against some good deed or deeds which do not actually harm anyone neither you, can be considered as the disease.
To overcome this disease of Anger, the realization is very important i.e.
Who is getting benefit in it ?
What is the purpose of this benefit ?
What is the result if one stay in the state of being benefited ?
So the overall realization is about benefit – if that benefit is sustainable and good – then one can follow, if not that one should answer these to themselves.
Over power i.e. since you are getting angry and other person is less powerful, so he will be backed out and you will face a winning situation and will feel proud, but if vice versa, you have to be back seated, and thus more irritation will happen to you.
In such cases, that irritation will be busted upon someone else, who is less powered to you.
So overall, if you think about the entire situation, it is just a flow of energy from one state to other state, dependent upon the kind of persona you are facing.
So, if this is just energy transmission and you get happy or satisfied only by means of transmitting the energy – then the better option is to transmit right kind of energy, which results into more benefits in terms of relations and well being.
If one can start realizing the transmission of energy, and its flow parameters, then right kind of attitude will start awakening within them and then to have a control on anger can be taken care of by themselves.

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