Why do i fail my commitments ?

Commitments defines Values !!!

How Valuable Human Being You Are ? Is not because of how much money you hold, but because of how you handle your commitments or your responsibilities.

If you have given your words, then you should be committed, if not then, you will always fail your commitments.

If you think, that you have committed, but due to various restrictions or some other reasons, you will not be able fulfil it, then it is your primary responsibility to ensure that this message is delivered properly to the person to whom you have committed.
What majority of time happens is, neither you follow your commitments, neither you inform that commitments cannot be fulfilled, which is absolutely wrong.

Now, why does it happen that you do not inform the person in case you find yourself that you will not be able to fulfil the commitment?

These things happens because of two factors
1. Ignorance
2. Fear

Ignorance, because the other person do not hold any importance as such, as per your opinion.

Fear, because you think that either you will be in loss while fulfilling it or other person may take some benefit out of it.
If fear is a case, you need to go through this link and read this article.
If ignorance is a case, you need to go through this link and read this article.

And the only way you can go ahead to make your commitments fulfilled is only by overcoming these two problems.

And following this, you will notice that your commitments will start taking its shape.